Director's Corner


First of all, “Grounded.” What a ride! Thank you to everyone who came. Critical and popular success. Incredible! Thank you Caitlin Newman, the star of the show. Thank you for sharing your talent. (She will also be sharing her talents with us at Christmas. Shhhhh ... you didn’t hear that from me).

Ok, now the bad news. For several years now we have received a general operating support grant from the City of Phoenix. This season we are not receiving that grant. Oh well. We could wring our collective hands and cry, “Poor us!” We’re not that kind of theater company. This is a business, after all. So, you lose a $5K grant (which, for us, is typically the budget for a show), we have to drop a show. Out of the five we were planning to produce this season, we decided that “Port Authority,” our next scheduled play, would be the one we are dropping from the season. I hope you hadn’t bought tickets yet. My apologies if you had (to make up for it, I’ll come cook you dinner).

Now the good news. We are adding one more performance of the ever-popular Christmas Cabaret. Monday, December 14th at 8pm. It’s a little awkward on a Monday, but it is certainly better than a sharp, pointy stick in the eye. Oh, by the way, the title of the show is “That’s Christmas to Me.”

— iTC Artistic Director Christopher Haines