Director's Corner

Is it me or did July just whip past?

August and we are rapidly approaching the opening show of our 13th season. That show, "Grounded," is already in rehearsal. Caitlin Newman is playing the Pilot in this one-woman show. Caitlin literally just moved to the Valley from New York. We hope you will welcome her to Phoenix by coming to see this gripping, contemporary play opening August 21st.

Next up, in October, will be...well, I’m not sure. We have "Port Authority," a play I’ve wanted to do for some time. Or there is a play by one of the best Arab-American playwrights writing today and also an old friend and professor from my college days at Duke. His name is Yussef El Guindi. The play is "Hostages" which is about two Westerners taken hostage somewhere in the Middle East. It is a play about the mental trauma of being a hostage.

Both are great plays. I thought since "Grounded" is about the mental aspects of our military drone program, "Hostages" would be nice companion piece. Yussef is very excited about our producing it (not surprising, since he wrote it), but I am waiting on word from his agent to finalize the agreement. Then, I’ll pull the plug on "Port Authority." Well, actually, I’ll probably put it back in my back pocket. Probably should do an entire season of those plays that are back there; my back pocket is getting pretty full.

— iTC Artistic Director Christopher Haines