About iTheatre

iTheatre Collaborative was borne on the idea that live theater is an opportunity to affect, almost viscerally, both audience and artist. We have electrified audiences with work that was distinctive and divergent. The most common comment we receive regarding our work from patrons is, "After the show, I don’t want to leave. I want to talk about what I just saw."

In our first season we presented the regional premiere of a play called "Bee-Luther-Hatchee" by Thomas Gibbons. It was a play that confronted the audience with issues of race, identity and cultural ownership. To this day, patrons still want to talk about that show. They still remember it, and are still thinking about its messages. That is what iTC is about.

The work of iTheatre has garnered rave reviews, critical and popular acclaim, as well as national attention. We have produced numerous regional and world premieres. iTC is committed to utilizing and employing the artistic talent of local, Phoenix-area actors, directors and designers.

Nationally, iTheatre has been sought out to perform its work at such national festivals and conferences as; the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, the Black Arts Movement Festival in Austin, TX, and the Last Frontier Theater Conference in Valdez, Alaska.

Recently, a theater critic described iTheatre like this, “You can't call iTheatre Collaborative an alternative company, but rather an eclectic collective.” Time and again, we have produced work that is both challenging and thought provoking to our audiences.

Some of our most notable productions were: the world premiere of "August in April: a Tribute to August Wilson’s Life and Legacy"; the Southwest regional premieres of "TopDog/ Underdog; Bee-Luther-Hatchee" and "Underneath the Lintel"; the AIDS plays "Lonely Planet" and "The Baltimore Waltz"; and the Absurdist plays like "The Maids; Gallows Humor" and "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama’s Hung You in the Closet and I’m Feeling So Sad."