2016-2017 Season

“Playback Theatre: From Life to Story to Stage”

By Essential Theatre

Premiered May 2017

Presented by iTheatre Collaborative and Essential Theatre

May 12-14, 2017

May 12, 13 at 8 pm May 14 at 2 pm

Playback Theatre, an innovative, improvisational performance in which members of the audience tell stories from their lives and then watch the stories brought to artistic life by the ensemble of actors and musicians. Weaving improvised scenes with music, movement, and metaphor, Playback Theatre performances reflect the diversity of human experience and celebrate our common humanity. Every performance is different, and any story from your life is welcome — or just sit back and enjoy others’ stories! In honor of Mother’s Day, for our Sunday, May 14 performance, stories honoring mothers and motherhood will be invited!