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Essential Theatre Brings Playback Theatre

In May, don't go back to the future. Go back to the past with a local improv group.

Playback Theatre, an innovative, improvisational performance in which members of the audience tell stories from their lives and then watch the stories brought to artistic life by the ensemble of actors and musicians. Weaving improvised scenes with music, movement, and metaphor, Playback Theatre performances reflect the diversity of human experience and celebrate our common humanity. Every performance is different, and any story from your life is welcome — or just sit back and enjoy others’ stories! In honor of Mother’s Day, for our Sunday, May 14 performance, stories honoring mothers and motherhood will be invited!

Hughie is a Eugene O'Neill Treat

A play by one of the classic playwrights is coming to iTheatre in March.

Erie Smith, a small-time gambler, wanders home to a seedy New York hotel fresh from a grief-stricken bout of drinking: Hughie was the night clerk and once-captive audience for Erie’s tall tales whenever he arrived, but Hughie is dead. Erie had always considered Hughie his good luck charm. With Hughie's death, Erie’s luck has changed for the worse, and he finds himself in dire straits. Then, Erie meets the new night clerk, who reminds him enough of Hughie that he takes the gamble that his luck is about to change.

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Your talent is requested at our Open Mic from 4 pm-7 pm.

The Downtown Phoenix Open Mic is a monthly event at the Kax Stage of the Herberger Theater Center. Providing professional quality lighting and sound, the DPOM offers local performers of all types—musicians, comics, spoken word, actors, dancers, and more—an opportunity to practice their skills in front of a live audience and, if they wish, to make videos of those performances. This is a free event for participants and audience. The DPOM is also the impetus behind the Facebook group, Sharing in Phoenix, which tries to publicize all local cultural and artistic activities.

The open mic occurs on Sunday afternoons (4 pm-7 pm), usually on the fourth Sunday of the month. For additional information and to join the DPOM email, contact: